MDH-Approved Hockey Masks Now Available at Northland Sports Supply Stores

The approve masks have three velcro straps which attach to the hockey helmet cages, making the masks easier to breath in and they stay put while playing.

DULUTH, Minn. – As masks are required for winter sports, there are some special masks available for hockey players to wear.

Minnesota Hockey and the Minnesota Department of Health, with the Hockey Equipment Certification Council, have approved CCM Game On and Bauer Return to Play masks, which are both available for purchase at Play It Again Sports in Duluth. Both masks have three velcro straps which attach to the helmet cages and stay put while playing.

“Something that these masks offer is the ability to sit on the cage and not actually sit on the face or the ears so there’s no movement on them, kids don’t have to worry about pulling them up or anything like that, it’s just mounted to the cage itself,” general manager of Play It Again Sports Duluth Steven Holappa said.

These masks make it easier to breathe in while playing than the traditional masks, which was a concern for many players.

“Some of them are wearing the masks that you buy, the disposable masks where they’re throwing them away. When you’re playing, they get full of moisture whether it’s sweat or breathing and you’re having to swap them out during games and practices. This one offers a little more breathability and moisture wicking so it’s just a constant dry piece in front of them and they can just worry about playing the game,” Holappa added.

Play It Again Sports Duluth went through about half of their shipment over the weekend and still have some available if you need one. They are also working to get more in.

To read more about the mask mandate for winter sports and about these certified masks, visit the Minnesota Hockey website.

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