Families Enjoy Warmer Winter on Proctor Sledding Hill

During winter, the Proctor Golf Course becomes a popular spot for families to go sledding down.

PROCTOR, Minn. – There’s nothing quite like hopping on a sled and going down a big hill.

“It’s great, it’s just what the doctor ordered,” Sandra Benney and her family said.

Many families have decided to hit the Proctor sledding hill to enjoy some time outside.

“With the kids distance learning, we call this gym class, physical education. We come out here for about an hour, a couple times a week and go down the hill and hike back up it,” Benney said.

And with warmer temperatures than normal lately, it’s been the perfect weather for it.

“We’ve had a beautiful winter, beautiful warm days, lots of good snow to be out in and it’s good to have the kids outside, it definitely boosts their attitudes,” Benney added.

The spot sits on the Proctor Golf Course, making it an easy spot to check out and enjoy.

“It’s a lot of fun. Some people make jumps and then when we go down the hill, we go flying over it,” Lyla Benney said.

“I’m definitely an outdoor enthusiast and to have the kids join me outside in my adventures and be together as a family is real great. We go sledding, we go cross country skiing, we fat tire bike. We build a snowman. We’re always outside, every day, something new, new adventure,” Sandra Benney added.

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