Minnesota Movie Theatres Reopen Per Governor’s Orders

Attention movie buffs: Minnesota theaters are now reopened as the governor has loosened restrictions.

DULUTH, Minn. – Attention movie buffs: Minnesota theaters are now reopened as the governor has loosened restrictions.

Whether it’s Wonder Woman or Tom Hanks’ new film, Marcus Theatres in Duluth is ready to bring both action and drama to the big screen for its patrons.

“We’re back!” said Shawn Fennessey, general manager at Marcus Theatres Duluth cinema. “It’s been a long time. It feels like it’s been forever. But no we’re very excited. We’re back full in the swing, we’re ready to go, we’ve got new movies for people to see, we’ve got movies that came out during the holidays that people missed because we weren’t open.”

The theatre has the same protocols it had when it closed back in November. There is social distancing throughout the building, along with thorough cleaning and sanitizing.

There is also online-only ordering for contactless pickup for food and tickets.

“Well, especially with everything going on, you need an escape,” said Fennessey. “You need that little bit of something to get out of your house, to get out of your mindset and it’s a fun experience that’s enjoyable for the whole family and it changes every week.”

The theatre has 10 screens with dream lounges, which are the leather reclining seats. Patrons also sit in a checkerboard pattern to ensure social distancing between people.

Duluth resident Leo Harney took one of those seats today as he waited an hour and a half outside for the theatre to reopen. He’s excited about the new Wonder Woman film.

“Just to see new films,” said Harney. “Like Wonder woman today, I like Wonder Woman. That’s one of my my favorite actresses. Gal Gadot, I like that actress. She’s a good actress. I’m a big action man so I like that kind of movie.”

Leo says going to the movies provides a way for people to enjoy worlds outside of their current realities.

“I think it’s the, like I said, escape from all the problems, any problems and the big screen, you get to see all different parts of the world and have your imagination is going to run away for a while,” said Harney. “Get away from stuff you know.”

Marcus Theatres is going to be hiring for some positions in the coming weeks. Check out the job posts on Indeed or on its Facebook page.

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