Northland Entrepreneur Develops Crud Cloth for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Crud Cloth was Developed Two Years Ago by Hermantown Resident Tim White

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – If you ever feel the need to freshen up after a long day outdoors or a muddy trip down the bike trail, Northland entrepreneur Tim White is here to help.

White developed the Crud Cloth after having dealt with his own messy outdoor adventures.

“As a resident of Duluth and enjoyer of the activities here, I developed Crud Cloth about two years ago,” said White.

He realized after taking a long mountain bike ride or a hike across the Northland that he needed to clean himself up before getting into the car, or being let back in the house by his wife. Fast-forward to today, and the Crud Cloth is now a product that can be purchased nationwide.

“It’s very simple to use, if you’ve ever activated an instant ice pack for an injury, it’s kind of the same thing,” said White.

Inside the pouch is a pod filled with the right amount of water and soap. The pouch needs to be smacked a few times to activate the pod, then users squish the cloth around in the pouch before tearing it open.

Once the soap and water is mixed into the cloth, you’re free to tidy yourself up, then place it back inside the pouch for easy cleanup.

White suggests taking the cloth home, laundering it, and reusing the cloth for a towel or rag.

Crud Cloth is available in five options — peppermint, tea tree, citrus, lavender, and an unscented version.

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