Animal Allies Expands Goal of Rescuing Animals from Dire Situations

Staff at Animal Allies Humane Society Would Like to Complete More Transport Rescue Missions in 2021

DULUTH, Minn. – Can you imagine taking a road trip across the country with 14 animals in the back of your vehicle?

For the staff at Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth, it’s a sight they’re thrilled to see happen more often as the New Year begins.

“It’s not cheap, but it’s something we want to invest in,” said Nicole Facciotto, humane education manager at Animal Allies.

The shelter is ringing in the New Year with the goal of creating change.

“In 2021 our big goal is to continue doing transports, expanding our transport database if you will,” said Facciotto.

The passion behind the movement is already gaining strong momentum.

“When we have empty kennels at Animal Allies, those are animals we could be saving from elsewhere,” said Facciotto.

Two staff members recently returned from Louisiana with fourteen animals on board.

“14 kennels in the back of our van, it was a lot of noise, especially at first,” said Michael Lutterman, medical lead at Animal Allies.

Lutterman and his co-pilot Kari had their hands full, yet hearts filled with joy.

“I was disheartened to see the environment they were in,” said Lutterman.

The new Northland furry friends came from DeSoto Parish Animal Services in Louisiana.

“It’s probably the best I’ve ever felt rescuing those dogs from the situation they were in,” said Lutterman.

It took 40 hours roundtrip to recuse and return. Both Michael and Kari say the reality was eye-opening, and something they hope to do again.

“The kennels down there were completely soiled; they were caked in feces and urine,” said Lutterman.

Facciotto says the problem stems from a lack of humane education is many southern states, something Minnesota is proud to have the upper hand in.

“Minnesota has been lucky after years of education, spay and neuter practices, we’ve done a really good job of controlling our pet population where other states aren’t so lucky,” said Facciotto.

At Animal Allies, adoption rates have been through the roof over the past year, allowing them to take in transports from other parts of the country.

“In those states that are overrun with animals, they have a very limited amount of time to find a home, and if they don’t, healthy, adoptable pets have to get euthanized for space,” said Facciotto.

Locally, folks such as Michael and Kari are now hailed as humane heroes for their kindness and generosity.

“It’s obvious the people working there cared deeply about the animals, but they just can’t care for them medically or they don’t have the personnel to keep up with the cleaning like we do,” said Lutterman.

Their passion for saving these selfless animals, proving to be rewarding and something they encourage others to take part in if the opportunity arises.

“Jump on board; it’s a really rewarding experience especially if animal welfare is something you’re passionate about,” said Lutterman.

This was the first transport trip of 2021.

Another trip is scheduled to take place later this month, with animals being transported to the Northland from a shelter down in Texas.

If you’d like to donate to the cause or help in any way, click here.

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