Local Dealership Donates Vehicle to Northland Family in Need

DULUTH, Minn.– Anderson Motors is no stranger to doing giveaways. In the past, they’ve handed out gift certificates to local businesses and service right in their shop, now, they’re switching gears to try and help those in the community in a big way.

The car dealership just off of rice like road near Pike Lake announced in a Facebook post that they would be  giving away the keys to a free vehicle, 2004 Subaru Outback to one Northland family in need.

People from all over sent in their applications. After some thought — and prayer, owners’ Jorn and Rosita Anderson selected the Deros family.

“They’re just super hard workers and they just had a hard time like so many other people,” said Rosita.

Tara Deros’s previous vehicle was on its last leg with a broken heater, sway bars, along with leaks in the gas and exhaust. Since she was told her old clunker was unsafe to keep driving, she was more than excited to hear she would be getting a new set of wheels.

“I was on the phone at the time with my friend and i just screamed and then cried. I cried a lot,” said Deros.

Their new car will not only help get Tara to work but will also be a safe way to get her daughter Emma to and from her medical appointments.

“My daughter has muscular dystrophy and has appointments and therapy and to be able to get her to that to and from is something incredible,” said Tara. “It means so much that it’s hard to put into words, I’ve tried to put it into words but I don’t know.”

The Anderson’s thought of doing a car giveaway as a chance to thank the community after a huge amount of support during an up and down 2020.

As they gave the outback to the Deros family, they said it was great to know that they’re helping a family in need and hope to do it again sometime within the next year.

“It’s awesome to be a part of this community and we feel super thankful for what we have and we actually have a little bit extra to give right now. We didn’t expect that to happen,” said Rosita.

As Tara Deros and her family packed in the vehicle to drive home, they had a newfound feeling of stability and excitement with their new ride, and the New Year.

“I was in shock,” said Emma. “I didn’t believe her until she actually came home and then I was like what?”

“As a mom you worry constantly and think that you’re failing almost and so to be able to provide for them without a worry is [great],” said Tara.

Now that they’re behind the wheel of their new vehicle, the family says that they have some big plans in mind, including some camping and road trips.