Young Snowmobilers Race on Pike Lake

DULUTH, Minn.– Some snowmobilers in Pike Lake took advantage of the temperatures being unseasonably nice and warm for January in the Northland.

K.C.P.R.O. East is a youth snowmobile racing group in the Northland. They made a stop Saturday at Pike Lake. Kids ages 4-17 got on their sleds of all sizes and drove through a makeshift track on a frozen lake.

Organizers say races like these promote good sportsmanship and are a great way to get kids involved in snowmobile riding.

“It’s good because it teaches them how to ride safely. We are big on safety. No one gets hurt here and we have EMPs here just in case but we teach safety and safety is number one,” said Doug Cramar, Senior Member of KCPRO East.

Other previous stops have been in places like Ely. Next week, they will be racing in Cotton. For more information you can check out their Facebook page.