KYN: Sew with Me

Zoom courses are held four to five times a week. 

DULUTH, Minn. – The Sew with Me brand name has been around for almost 10 years.

“We started in Stillwater and expanded from there to meet the needs of sewers throughout the state,” said Laura Maki, owner of Sew with Me.

Although the Piedmont neighborhood location has been open for several years, owners say fabric right now is a hot commodity.

“Not only are people sewing things that they traditionally sew. But they are also sewing masks to keep their friends and safe,” Maki said.

That’s because sewers of all levels are taking this opportunity to jump into the art of mask-making.

Sew with Me continues to host virtual classes, and in the past year, they held virtual mask-making courses because of the high demand.

“Some of the masks that are out there that are better made and have- in my option- a better construction to fit the face. We brought those to the table in those classes so that the consumer that was learning and wanting to know more had the resources to make a really nice mask,” Maki said.

And local owner Laura Maki knows the sewing faithful will spin a new yarn in 2021 in the industry, she’s grown to love.

“I get to see people I grew up with. I get to see people I quilted with many years ago as a young adult,” Maki said.

Zoom courses are held four to five times a week.

For more information on Sew with Me, click here: Sew with Me

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