Biden Administration Making Effort To Improve Environment Policies

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s the second day in office for President Biden and he’s already making an impact signing numerous executive orders in his first 48 hours. Soon he could have his eyes set on the great lakes.

Northland environmental experts hope addressing climate change remains one of President Biden’s top priorities, they would like to see several regulations return that were scaled back by the previous administration.

One change made under President Trump’s leadership was redefining the “water of the United States” that included rolling back protection in areas like the Great Lakes.

Environmentalists would like to see President Biden reinstate stricter policies with a focus on water level regulation.

“It could have a major impact mainly through the water quality associated with the tributaries and wetlands that are within the boundaries of the Great Lakes basin,” said Lucinda Johnson, the associate director for the Natural Resource Research Institute.

Another direct impact the Biden administration could have on the Great Lakes region is the appointing of three commissioners to serve on the international joint commission.

These commissioners oversee the management of treaties involving waterways.

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