Ideally You Weight Loss Helps Clients Looking to Start Weight Loss Journey

Owner Cindi Johnson went through the process herself which led her to opening up the clinic.

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – In 2017, Ideally You Weight Loss opened its doors in Hermantown, looking to help those trying to start a weight loss journey.

“I feel my entire career has been all about helping people and that’s really why I wanted to open this because I know the struggles personally of having to deal with a weight problem,” health coach and owner of Ideally You Weight Loss Cindi Johnson said.

The center uses the Ideal Protein Weight Loss protocol to promote fat burning while keeping muscle mass.

“We have three phases; the first phase is our weight loss until they reach the goal that they have set or if they want help, I can help set that weight loss goal. And then we move into stabilization and then maintenance,” Johnson said.

Johnson went through the process herself which led her to opening up the clinic.

“It was finally the first one that worked and made sense because they teach you about your body, how food effects your body,” Johnson added.

Now, she coaches clients through the entire weight loss process using this method.

“It has a much higher success rate if you have a coach because most people don’t understand how food affects your body or how to really look at a label or how many carbs they should be eating for weight loss so it’s really important to understand and to be educated,” Johnson said.

While she teaches clients what foods to eat and how to go through the weight loss process, Johnson also reminds them that this is a journey and that a treat isn’t that bad every now and then.

“I think that it’s really important to know that you will be able to have those again. It’s not a lifelong I can’t have but it is a lifelong teaching of how to maintain a healthy weight loss,” Johnson added.

To learn more, visit the Ideally You Weight Loss center website.

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