A UMD Program Is Helping 50 & Older Individuals Continue Lifelong Learning

"I never looked back," said Diane Kolquist, a student of the program.

DULUTH, Minn. – A University of Minnesota Duluth program is helping adults 50 and older continue the journey of lifelong learning.

University for Seniors is a program at UMD that offers intellectual and cultural development to promote learning among the older population.

The program is a peer-led learning program.

It is run in a study group format and volunteers like retired university faculty help teach courses.

The classes cover topics in areas like lifestyle, health, and more.

“I heard about the University for Seniors before I retired. I said when I retired, this is something I really want to do. When I did retire I got involved pretty quickly with the University for Seniors. In a sense you can use the phrase, I never looked back,” said Diane Kolquist, a student of the program.

A big goal of the program is helping to create a better life for the aging population.

“It’s really important to add value to the seniors’ lives and it’s really important that they have the learning opportunities as well, said Wendy Larrivy, the program director. “It can only extend their lives along with the learning and the social engagement.”

The program is not only promoting lifelong learning, but is also designed to give the 50 and older age group a sense of purpose.

The University for Seniors program has transitioned many classes to a virtual model due to the pandemic.

The spring term opens in March.

To sign up for courses click here.

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