Starbase Program Inspiring STEM Students

Students are following a mission to mars story line.

DULUTH, Minn. – It was the programs first week back to in-person classes since November giving 5th grade students from Stella Maris Academy and Many Rivers Montessori a chance to get back to the books.

“We take the math and science that students learn in their classrooms and kind of turn it on its head and deliver it in a very interesting way,” Starbase Minnesota Duluth Director, Charity Johnson says.

“While virtual learning was beneficial for covid times, they are so excited to get back and actually interacting with each other doing teamwork activities. Hands on. It’s been amazing,” Starbase Instructor, Jessica Gudmundson says.

During their 25 hours at Starbase the students are following a mission to mars story line.

Allowing students to use advanced technology they wouldn’t normally have access to in their everyday classes.

“Whether that’s robotics, computers, virtual reality. Scientific equipment like temperature probes, and graduated cylinders,” Johnson says.

“So we really put things in their hands that real scientists and engineers and technicians use in the real world which we really think kind of lights that spark and interest for stem.”

Opening doors for students interested in other STEM programs.

“When we are actually in the classroom we can see those struggles we can see help our students while we are there and we can see those aha moments when they get it,” Gudmundson says.

Starbase also recently increased its capacity adding two more classrooms.

Although the four classrooms at Starbase are completely booked for this year,  the program is currently accepting applications for the next school year.

For more information on Starbase, click here: Starbase Duluth

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