Two North Shore Lodges Finish Major Renovations

Mountain Inn at Lutsen and Cascade Lodge and Restaurant Recently Completed Extensive Renovations of Their Lodging Facilities

COOK COUNTY, Minn. – Recent stay-safe restrictions have given many Northlanders more time to tackle projects we couldn’t get done during the busy hustle and bustle of daily lives pre-pandemic.

In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors, you’re invited inside two lodges along the North Shore that are happy to welcome guests into fresh facilities after months of hard work.

“There are a lot of choices here on the North Shore,” said Teri Chilifone, owner of Mountain Inn at Lutsen.

Finding the perfect place to stay, and play can be tricky when you’re visiting from out of town.

“We’re a little different than all the big resorts, this is more of a boutique-style, super cozy, quaint, little 29 room hotel,” said Chilifone.

Chilifone and her husband have a passion for the hospitality industry.

“It’s not just a place to stay; we want you to experience the North Shore, and experience the North Shore hospitality,” said Chilifone.

They’ve spent the past few months putting in hours of hard work and elbow grease to make sure customers keep returning for many years.

“Essentially you’re looking at a one hundred percent new hotel. Everything has been completely renovated,” said Chilifone.

In just two years, the couple has managed to turn things around and their ratings are reflecting the reality.

“We’ve come from a two-star rating to almost an eight to nine-star rating,” said Chilifone.

The complete remodel comes with modern upgrades and realistic amenities.

“We look at why they’re coming here, and they’re coming here for all of the reasons we’ve already mentioned, to play outdoors,” said Chilifone.

From flooring to Wi-Fi, new paint, and even ski lockers, she says customers can expect to be spoiled upon arrival.

“We want to make connections with the people that come and stay with us, so they don’t feel like it’s just a hotel room,” said Chilifone.

Just a 12-minute drive further north will have you experiencing another lodge with a fresh look.

“We are in the living room of our historic lodge that was built in 1938,” said Thom McAleer, owner of Cascade Lodge and Restaurant. “We see ourselves as custodians of this historic lodge.”

McAleer has taken pride in owning the Cascade Lodge and Restaurant for the past four years.

“We’ve touched everything in the guest rooms from all the furniture, fixtures, and equipment in each room,” said McAleer.

All 12 rooms in his main lodge have also received a full facelift. However, the facility continues to shine with historic significance.

“We didn’t try to make it modern as much as we tried to bring out the mid-century modern aspects of the building,” said McAleer.

Located within Cascade River State Park, the accommodation allows for easy access to the slopes, and trails for snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and fat-tire biking.

“We’re seeing a lot of visitors from Minnesota that are coming and experiencing our hotel,” said McAleer.

And once you’re checked in, he says you can see instant relief as relaxation begins.

“You can see the stress of the real world fall away as guests come in after a great day on the slopes, snowmobiling, or skiing,” said McAleer.

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