Many People Are Still Hesitant To Take Vaccine

DULUTH, Minn. – More COVID-19 vaccines are going into the arms of people across the country, but there are still some folks feeling hesitant about getting the shot.

Experts say many people may be skeptical about its effectiveness due to how quickly it was created.

The hesitation may also be because the vaccine is highly politicized and the continuous sharing of false information on social media.

“There are some political dynamics here because the vaccine was created under the Trump administration. Some people, because they find him not to be a credible source on vaccine-related and COVID-related information, are thinking there could be a problem with the vaccine,” said Dr. Kathryn Haglin, an assistant professor of Political Science at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

The vaccines out now have gone through rigorous testing and approval by the Food and Drug Administration.

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