Itasca County Health Dept. Urges Patience, Caution as Vaccine Rollout Continues

Residents Will Be Notified When It's Their Turn to be Vaccinated

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – COVID vaccinations continue to roll out for residents in Itasca County.

Public health officials say they are currently in the process of inoculating those working in schools and childcare facilities, as well as residents who are 65 and older.

In the past seven days, 35 new cases of the virus have been confirmed in Itasca County. 69 cases were reported in the past 14 days.

Since the start of the pandemic, the county has recorded 2,930 total cases.

As numbers continue to trend downward, many schools are switching their learning models and bringing students back to in-person learning with a phased approach.

Health officials say the demand for the vaccine is much greater than the current supply they’re receiving.

Residents are encouraged to be patient, continue strict mitigation efforts, and spend time researching to see if the vaccine is right for them.

“We don’t want to lose any of the progress made and all the hard work and sacrifices we’ve made in Itasca to get our COVID cases down,” said Kelly Chandler, division manager for Itasca County Public Health.

“I want people to realize that just because we’re coming back in-person doesn’t mean things are back to normal. We are still in the middle of a pandemic and we know we will continue to see increasing numbers. So what we need to do is manage it the best we can,” said Angela Elhard, school nurse for ISD 318.

Health officials encourage all residents in Itasca County to stay strong, wear their mask, social distance, and avoid large gatherings.

Click here for more information regarding COVID-19 and vaccine rollout from Itasca County Public Health.

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