Upcoming Brewery in Lincoln Park Neighborhood Will Highlight Veterans

Two veterans are preparing to open up a new brewery in Lincoln Park this spring.

DULUTH, Minn. – Two veterans are preparing to open up a new brewery in Lincoln Park this spring.

Veterans Matt Caple and Ben Gipson met in 2019 when Matt was setting up a fundraising collaboration between his nonprofit and one of the local breweries.

Through the Lake Superior Warriors Disabled Veteran Hockey Program, the two developed a strong bond and decided to pursue brewing full-time.

Warrior Brewing Company will be located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood on West Superior Street, which is where Lake Superior Brewing Company used to be.

The business is set to be brewing by April and will probably release its first batches of brews in May.

“It’s really exciting,” said Matt, the co-owner of the brewery. “There’s obviously some anxiety associated with opening your first business on your own but I have a great professional brewer at my side, award-winning recipes that he’s had at his disposal, and it’s his resume is impeccable and myself, I’m more of a business-minded person so I think together we’re going to accomplish great things.”

Through the business, they hope to give back and honor the veteran community, specifically veteran support groups and nonprofits. While it’s only the two of them at the moment, when they open a taproom in the future, they hope to hire and train unemployed veterans.

“Just helpful to a military family,” said Ben Gipson, the other co-owner of the brewery. “To be able to receive help and give help to our brothers and sisters out there. So it’s like the collision of everything that’s great. So being able to share my passion with other veterans too is phenomenal.”

Some of the beers that they will be brewing include a light lager, a double New England-style IPA, and a Russian Imperial. There will be different combatants for each beer, branding different warriors from different eras, including barbarians and samurais.

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