Essentia Health Continues To See Lack Of Patients Going For A Check-Up

DULUTH, Minn- Essentia Health is continuing to see a lack of patients coming in for a check-up.

They are instead waiting until it’s too late, which is creating an uptick in emergency room visits.

Now that restrictions have loosened, Health experts believe many people may have become used to being home…
or still do not want to visit a hospital in fear of catching Covid-19

Local physicians say don’t wait.

“It might be too late and that would be sad to know that if we had found something six months earlier or two months earlier, it could have made a big difference,” said Dr. Anne Stephen, the chief medical officer for Essentia Health East.

Essentia Health clinics are set up to be very safe.

Only a limited number of people are allowed to enter at a time and medical equipment is cleaned in between appointments.

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