St. Luke’s Needs Volunteers for COVID-19 Study

DULUTH, Minn. – St. Luke’s is in need of volunteers to help complete their COVID-19 RECOVER study.

Doctors say they want 100 more essential workers, which includes bus drivers, grocery store workers, and bankers.

The goal is for people to swab their noses weekly to test for COVID-19 and do the occasional blood test to look for COVID antibodies.

“The more we know about how it spreads and what it looks like in people who do become sick, the more we know and the more we can plan on and prevent and build policies that will help protect people in the future,” said Dr. Harmony Tyner, an infectious disease physician at St. Luke’s.

There are about 450 healthcare workers and 30 first responders enrolled in the study. To find out how to sign up, email

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