Northlanders Enjoy Skiing Conditions

The weather this winter have made a perfect combination for people to enjoy some skiing on the many trails within Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn. – Mild temperatures and fresh snow are making a perfect combination for some skiing.

“Skiing conditions are much better, especially when you’re looking at cross country skiing, a lot more trails are open now. The temperature’s been a lot warmer this year and that’s been awesome because we haven’t had that typical cold winter so far,” manager at Ski Hut Dave Neustel said.

And that means more people are excited to hit the trails.

“It was really, really hard and underneath and cold, so definitely a really great day for skate skiing,” Duluth resident Mia Zutter said.

As more people head out, ski shops are seeing a peak in sales.

“We’re really starting to get some snow on the ground and we’re definitely seeing an increase in traffic with snow on the ground. Cross country skis have been really popular. It’s a good way for people to get outside and do some recreation while still being by themselves,” Neustel said.

While the pandemic continues, avid skiers say it’s a great sport to try during this time.

“I usually don’t ski alone so this is a really great treat for me to get to ski alone. Just with the nature, it’s really nice to zone out,” Zutter said.

“I love skiing because it gets you to go fast; it gives you an adrenaline boost,” Neustel added.

And living in the Notrhland means there’s a spot or trail for anyone.

“It definitely helps to get a change of scenery, different difficulties of the trails, keeps it fun, keeps it interesting. Also with the two disciplines, it’s nice that some parks like Hartley are classic only but here you can do both,” Zutter said.

And even though the season is underway, the best may still be yet to come.

“I think we’re going to get a big snow here and continue to have mild temperatures but I foresee more snow and more good times out skiing,” Neustel added.

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