Moose Lake Businesses Adapting During Pandemic

Managers are thankful that they don't have to rely on just dine-in during these times.

MOOSE LAKE, Minn. – Dee JirovecĀ  and her husband have owned Gampers in Moose Lake for eight years and are grateful to be back open following a second shut down.

“It’s wonderful to be open again and have the customers come in to be able and talk and have a good time with them,” Gampers Owner, Dee Jirovec says.

And one of the main reasons they wanted to open back up was because of their employees.

“They love working here. We love having them. We’re just like one big family,” Jirovec says.

With this second shutdown, they were able to undergo a little remodel.

“We redid the bar floor. We repainted everything and redid counter tops and all that stuff,” Jirovec says.

Over at Poor Gary’s Pizza, they have seen similar success since reopening.

“After that, he hit back quite well. It’s been amazing. The town is great, you know, the support from all the customers,” Poor Gary’s Pizza Manager, Rachel Pettit says.

Managers are thankful that they don’t have to rely on just dine-in during these times.

“We’re fortunate enough where we have pickups and we have deliveries,” Pettit says.

Allowing them to seamlessly pivot their model to keep business flowing.

“In the beginning we had our pickups coming to the side window and we didn’t have anybody coming in. Then slowly we gradually let people in. We love people still coming and supporting us,” Pettit says.


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