Winterfest Medallion Hunt Canceled Due to Alleged Property Damage by Participants

Superior Mayor Jim Paine said some participants disturbed indigenous burial grounds on Wisconsin Point looking for the medallions.

DULUTH, Minn.- The 12th Annual Winterfest Medallion Hunt, hosted by Northland radio stations, has been canceled. According to organizers, it’s due to the alleged actions of some participants.

A spokesperson from Midwest Communications said the Hunt was canceled because of alleged damage to public property by participants.

According to a post on his Facebook Page, Superior Mayor Jim Paine said some people searching on Wisconsin Point disturbed the indigenous burial ground there. He wrote in part:

While much of the damage and violation may have been unintentional, it is still unacceptable and must cease immediately. This is a sacred space and we have a duty to treat it as such. I can assure you that the medallion is not buried and shovels are not necessary to find it. The wilderness space between the beach and the road is an ecologically and culturally sensitive place, especially north of the first parking lot. I am asking that we respect and preserve it. I will direct the police department to protect the burial ground today but if disturbances continue, the medallion hunt may be cancelled.

According to contest rules, organizers reserve the right to call off the Hunt at anytime if participants don’t follow state, local or county laws.

The Hunt takes Northlanders to the outdoors to try and find the medallions, hidden throughout different public places and even under snow or loose materials.

Prizes for this year’s contest have been put on hold and will not be awarded for anyone who finds a medallion.

This year, those prizes include a Polaris Sportsman ATV or Seadoo Spark Personal Watercraft, both valued at nearly $6,000.

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