Hermantown Proctor Dance Team Ready to Finally Start Season

Hermantown Proctor will compete on their home floor for the first time ever on Monday. They'll host Duluth East and Duluth Denfeld at Hermantown. 

PROCTOR, Minn. – After a late start and some time quarantine, it’s finally time for the Hermantown Proctor dance team to return to the floor.

“Honestly I thought maybe we weren’t going to have a season so it’s exciting just being able to be dancing and doing what I love,” senior Tori Novitzki said.

“We’ve been making it work and doing some of our practices virtually and making sure we’re staying safe,” senior Meera Watson added.

This season, dancers will have to wear masks at all times, which not only makes it more difficult to breathe, but also impacts how much emotion they can show on their face.

“We’ve really been trying to talk about what parts of our dance can you really be taking some of those bigger, deeper breaths, that’s going to help you then lead into that next isolation skill that’s really hard,” head coach Becky Lent said.

“It definitely makes it much harder but I’d way rather dance with masks then not be able to dance at all,” Watson added.

The pandemic has also made teams like Hermantown Proctor reinvent some of their normal choreography.

“We don’t have any lifts in our dance this year. We did try to work on spreading out our formations a little more, really using the floor,” Lent said.

“I love how intricate it is and it’s different than anything we’ve done before and I think it’s really coming together,” Novitzki added.

It’s a quick turnaround as the team will have just three competitions before sections, with their first one on Monday.

“We’ve been waiting to compete and it’s our first home meet we’ve ever had so it’s really exciting,” Novitzki said.

“Over the years, we change a lot of the dance and this year we’re not going to really have a whole lot of that opportunity because we’re going to see judges three times in two weeks and then we’re going to be heading off to sections. It’s going to be a lot more focusing on cleaning and formations and making sure the girls feel confident in what they’re putting out there on the floor,” Lent added.

With the MSHSL approving plans for a state competition, they have their eyes set on a third straight trip.

“It motivates us a ton knowing that we have something to look forward to and motivate us,” Watson said.

“Just hearing that word state dance team tournament just makes their hearts jump and gives them that extra push that they need to,” Watson added.

Despite the challenges and changes, this year’s team led by eight seniors is just ready for the music to start.

“Especially since we have this senior group that’s put in five to six years each, they’ve really earned it and it’s so wonderful that they’re getting this opportunity even though we’ve had to quarantine, we’ve had this, we’ve had that but they’re still just trying to find the positive,” Lent said.

Hermantown Proctor will compete on their home floor for the first time ever on Monday. They’ll host Duluth East and Duluth Denfeld on Monday at Hermantown.

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