Cold Snap Prompts More Travel Bookings For Spring Break

DULUTH, Minn. – Frigid temperatures have been sweeping across the Northland over last couple of weeks and the frosty conditions are pushing more people to schedule getaways.

Although, the CDC recommends putting a pause on planning an escape from the chilly weather.

Local travel agencies like Fun and Leisure Travels in Duluth have been booming with customers wanting to take a trip.

The owner says she has been flooded with calls from people looking to visit popular destinations.

“I would say in the last two weeks I’ve gotten way more calls. I think it’s due to it being so cold,” said Nicole Schaub. “I think people have been itching to get out their house honestly. With a lot of people not traveling internationally right now due to the pandemic, I think that’s why Florida is the hotspot.

Across Minnesota Coronavirus case numbers have been declining in the last few months.

With new variants circulating around the world, health officials worry about the possibility of them becoming more widespread.

really maintain precautions. if at all possible try to limit travel. i do understand its been a long winter and people are needing to take a break. i think the message we want to get out is, if people are choosing to travel they still need to adhere to precautions to do it as safely as possible

Also, if you are thinking of planning a trip, local agencies suggest booking immediately and to purchase travel insurance, in the event of cancellations.