Carlton Restaurants Continue To Adapt Amid Pandemic

CARLTON, Minn. – It was a roller coaster 2020 for restaurants like The Street Car in Carlton.

“That’s when it really hit hard for us. That brought a whole different style of business. We had to essentially recreate how we do business,” Street Car Kitchen & Pub General Manager, Mike Walsh says.

Going to only curbside the pandemic forced them to shut down indoor dining.

“We created family-style meals for that. You know, from lasagna to chicken alfredo,” Walsh says.

It’s gone pretty well, with the anticipation of keeping this new model around as the pandemic continues.

“We roll with the punches and we want everybody to be safe as well,” Walsh says.

Over at Magnolia cafe, they too had to shift their business plan.

“We ended up putting in a service window this spring to accommodate when we were fully closed,” Magnolia Cafe Owner, Yvette Maijala says.

Taking that new form of business into the winter months.

“We still do service window if people still want to be outside but we now can allow people to come in,” Maijala says.

With all the space not being used in the cafe, the staff even made room for products from local crafters.

It was a win-win for some of the local crafters to have their work in here for sale and give them exposure because some of the craft fairs were not able to happen like normal,” Maijala says.

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