AICHO Gives Out 400 Bags of Food to Those in Need

DULUTH, Minn.– Over in the Hillside Community, the American Indian Community Housing Organization or AICHO was out helping give food to anyone who needed it.

AICHO gave out around 400 bags of free food along 4th street Friday afternoon.

Bags were full of grocery items like frozen and canned foods, bread, meat and even some indigenous focused foods like jelly from Red Lake. It’s part of a regular, bi-weekly effort by the organization.

“Unfortunately, we found that what we’re doing is really useful and there’s a lot of people that need it. And would be great if that wasn’t the case and people didn’t need the food but because they do we’re happy to be here, doing that for them,” said Dominic Bisogno, a Temporary Coordinator for the Food Giveaway.

The food giveaway continues on March 2.

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