KYN: Blue Rock Coffee & Wine Cafe

DULUTH, Minn. – Although the cafe struggled shortly after opening, now they are becoming a Northland staple.

“People are knowing our name and coming in,” Blue Rock Coffee & Wine Cafe Barista, Molly Henderson says.

With the cafe split in two- half of the building for coffee and the other a wine bar, customers have different choices of scenery.

“It’s really good that people can now come in. We can talk with them at the bar and really getting to know our customers,” Henderson says.

Customers enjoying hot or cold drinks bringing back a sense of normal.

“Things were pretty slow but now that we see all of our customers like enjoying themselves and doing normal things it kind of takes your mind off of the whole pandemic and everything,” Henderson says.

Like Kailee Lemire, who is becoming a regular at the cafe.

“It is really unique to be able to come somewhere like this especially with having enough space and having enough distance between people as well,” Blue Rock Coffee and Wine Cafe Customer, Kailee Lemire says.

Giving people a safe place to relax and also enjoy a homely environment

“It’s nice to be able to have a place to come to get things done. I definitely like the aspect of the wine situation,” Lemire says.

For a full list of hours, click here: Blue Rock Coffee and Wine Cafe

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