Lift Bridge Operators Donate to Local Food Bank

DULUTH, Minn.– Financial impacts from the pandemic have made it hard for some Northlanders to put food on the table.

But help is coming in from all over the place, including from those who work at Duluth’s iconic bridge.

The lift bridge operators donated around $170 to Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank. Operators say that while they’ve been working, they know others haven’t and wanted to give back to the community. While it may not seem like much, they tell us it can go a long way towards fighting hunger in the area.

“But as far as I understand, one dollar buys $7 worth of groceries, or provides 3 meals. So technically, that’s going to feed a lot of people,” said Mark Nyman, a bridge operator for the lift bridge. “It helps those that are less fortunate.”

“Many of the people that we hear from have recently been unemployed, maybe have never used us before. So i think, hearing that that’s the families and individuals they wanted to support, there’s plenty that we’ve helped feed in the last year,” said Shaye Morris, Executive Director at Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank.

Throughout March, all Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank will be matching all donations made to their food bank locations.

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