Local Vet Witnessing Importance of In-Person Visits as Pandemic Continues

Many Pet Owners Prefer to be With Their Pet During Routine or Emergency Examinations

SUPERIOR, Wis. – If you’ve made an appointment for your pet in the past year, chances are you weren’t allowed inside the building as the animal receives medical attention.

COVID-19 is to blame for the new protocols at many vet clinics in the northland, but it can be a frustration for those who prefer to be with their pet during an often nerve-racking time.

Doctor Justin Dahl is the owner of Happy Tails Animal Hospital in Superior.

He says at his office and in Wisconsin generally, they’ve been more relaxed on such restrictions.

His four-legged clients are allowed one guest during the visit.

He and his staff are seeing a slight increase in customers coming from Minnesota as tougher restrictions remain in place just across the bridge.

Clients are thankful for this opportunity, as it’s often tough to remember important questions when you’re on the phone, or waiting in the parking lot while your pet receives care.

“One of the good comments I received from a client was, ‘I bring my dog in, the doctor calls me from inside the hospital, and he said, I can’t even think of what my questions are before the doctor hangs up and I don’t have a way to ask those questions, so it’s much easier to see somebody face-to-face where I can think about my questions,’” said Dahl.

Dr. Dahl is noticing an uptick in new puppies and kittens coming in since the pandemic began one year ago.

It’s recommended if you do have a new furry friend, to bring them in right away so they can receive a routine medical exam and the proper vaccinations.

Another big concern for staff right now is the changing of seasons.

“When we go from slush to ice, we do see an increase in injures happening, just like people. You slip on the ice, you fall, and we get a lot more problems with torn toenails, cut foot pads, broken legs during this time of year,” said Dahl.

The biggest question he and his other veterinarians continue to receive is if a human can transmit COVID-19 to their animal or vice versa – and realistically, he says the answer is no.

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