Spirit of the Lights Returns to Glensheen Mansion Friday

DULUTH, Minn.– As the Glensheen Mansion continues to leave their Christmas decorations up into March, they’ve also brought back another Christmastime tradition.

The mansion’s self-guided Christmas candlelight tours and the outdoor light display spirit of the lights on Friday.

“The never ending Christmas experience continues with these new night time experiences,” said Jane Pederson Jandl, marketing manager for the Glensheen Mansion.

Inside the mansion, visitors will walk through the halls of every floor. The only light inside will mostly come from the 25 different Christmas trees and other decorations all over the mansion. With a few new twists along the way for people to look out for.

“We want to give folk that opportunity to experience some of their favorite Christmas experiences,” said Pederson Jandl.

Christmas lights have filled the mansion’s grounds for the Spirit of the Lights tour. The tour is free to everyone but appointments need to be made to keep capacity low but those who do the candle light tour will automatically be given a slot.

The lights tour was planned for February but was pushed back due to the frigid weather last month.

When the sun goes down, those at the Glensheen Mansion want guests to experience the property in a whole new light.

“It’s so cool to see the mansion at night,” said Pederson Jandl. “There are a lot of elements that you’ll probably notice that you haven’t noticed before if you have been on tour during the day. The mansion just sort of comes alive in a different way on a candlelight tour.”

For more information on tours and how to set up an appointment, you can check out the Glensheen’s website.

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