Family Cleans Up Blown Away Trash Near Superior Landfill

SUPERIOR, Wis.– Some Northlanders decided to spend the nice day taking care of the area environment.

The Halbrook family set out to pick up trash on Moccasin Mike Road near the Superior Landfill on Saturday.

They cleaned up some of the garbage they saw earlier this week which blew over from the landfill.

While they say the city of Superior did a good job cleaning up most of the trash, it’s still important to set a good example for the next generation and do their part to clean up their community.

“My thing is, yeah the city pays people to do it but all of this garbage comes from us and we’re the ones that are creating this mess and for myself and what I want to teach my kids is it’s our responsibility to step up and help out as well,” said Rachael Halbrook.

Some of the trash the family picked up included beer cans, car parts, and dirty diapers.

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