Cohasset City Leaders Look to Expand Industrial Park

Cohasset city officials announced they've received over $4 million in funding

COHASSET, Minn. – The city of Cohasset will soon be building a brand new manufacturing facility with the hope of attracting new businesses.

Last week Cohasset city officials announced they’ve received over $4 million in funding courtesy of a multi-million dollar grant from the economic development administration and other funds from the city of Cohasset economic development.

“We’ve known we had to have a plan to try and develop business and try to bring in more tax base. This is a piece of that. We’ve got other pieces in motion,” Cohasset Mayor, Greg Hagy says.

With those funds the plan is to build a 25,000 square foot building.

“We’re going to begin construction immediately this spring as soon as weather allows and we’ll get this thing done as fast as we can,” Haby says.

City leaders hope this new facility will create jobs that were lost during the pandemic in an area that is now lacking commercial industrial space.

“It really allows us to have available space for a start up entrepreneur or a business looking to expand or even attracting business from another community. It really allows us that opportunity and capacity to allow those opportunities,” City of Cohasset Director of Operations, Max Peters says.

Now in the second phase of their industrial park, the commercial spaces at the site will include high ceilings, loading dock access and high speed internet.

“A lot of people have a great business plan, a great product and they are moving it and everything’s working great they just don’t have the resources for the building itself. That’s what this is for. This is going to get them jump started,” Hagy says.

The city hopes to break ground in the spring.


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