BLM Protesters March Through Streets of Duluth on First Day of Derek Chauvin Trial

Then the group started marching through downtown, over the I-35 bridge, through Canal Park -- stopping traffic along the way.

DULUTH, Minn.- Dozens of protesters marched throughout the City of Duluth Monday, even stopping traffic, to express their views and demands of justice for George Floyd.

The main organizer, Veronica “Vee” Davis, was not able to speak in person at the march. But she released the following statement to FOX21:

 “We were marching tonight in honor of George Floyd. We come out to make sure people know that we didn’t and won’t forget about the officers involved in George Floyd’s murder. We stand for Black lives and voices and we stand for justice. We need to start holding police officers accountable, and we should have been a long time ago. We are very clear when we tell you what we want. We want and demand the “justice for all”, because if Derek Chauvin were a BLACK man there wouldn’t be a trial.”

The demonstration started with a short introductory drum circle, under the gaze of the Clayton, Jackson, McGhie Memorial on First Street.

Then the group started marching through downtown, over the I-35 bridge, through Canal Park, and back the other way.

Meanwhile, volunteers from Loaves and Fishes Community joined them; stopping traffic, driving behind the group — keeping watch for anyone who may escalate things.

“Our goal is not to determine what they do but to make sure they’re safe the whole time they’re doing it,” said Volunteer Marshal Donna Howard. “So we watch for harassment, or police intervention, and we’re trained to do deescalation if there are any problems.”

With chants calling for justice, and reminding onlookers of the names George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other people of color killed at the hands of police, the protesters made their pain — and their voice — heard throughout that part of Duluth.

Hearing those voices, Howard said it takes everyone to help lift oppressed communities up.

“It’s time,” she said, “it’s time to get justice for Black people, it’s time for the killings to stop.”

“Our community feels very strongly about needing to get justice for George Floyd.  And we’re watching that develop and we’re concerned that Black voices be heard,” said Howard.

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