Hunters Park Residents Enjoying Final Days of ‘Snowhenge’ Fort

"By the end of the week I suspect it will be pretty much gone," Boucher says. 

DULUTH, Minn. – Spring is beginning to take shape.

“Unless we get a lot of snow I don’t anticipate rebuilding it again this year,” Hunters Park Resident, Norman Boucher says.

This spells bad news for the hunters park neighborhood creation “Snowhenge.”

“By the end of the week I suspect it will be pretty much gone,” Boucher says.

During a winter when people may have been more isolated than normal, it provided an opportunity to get outside.

“I built to gather so that we could get friends over and people often spend time with,” Boucher says.

Even on the coldest of days.

“It was twenty degrees inside the shelter despite being seventeen below outside,” Boucher exclaims.

Creator Norman Boucher is confident that Snowhenge will be around again.

“I think my artistic, creative side made me wanna do something fun,” he says.

That creative side coming in the form of ceramics, a passion Boucher has held dear to him for many years.

“You can’t necessarily just pick it up when you’re 65 or pick it up when you retire,” Boucher says.  “Because I think you have to sort of hold onto that and sort of fertilize it throughout your life and look forward to it.”

After switching gears and navigating a new career path, Boucher is well over a year into his retirement.

“Sometimes you can get a little lost when you retire if you don’t have other things you can do with your time.”

With no signs of slowing down and all the tools he needs to create even after Snowhenge is long gone.

Whether that’s a seven-foot tall snow fort or his love for pottery.

As Boucher closes the book on one of his beloved careers another story has opened to a fresh page.

“There’s always a sort of deep down desire to do exactly what you love. You tell your kids and you tell a lot of people and you say: It’s not about making money, it’s about doing what you love and being happy with what you are at the moment.”

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