Tree Clearing for Bats, Soil Processing Last Steps Before Mission Creek Restoration Work in August

Crews start tree clearing Wednesday, and expect soil processing to finish by the end of July.

DULUTH, Minn.- Reconstruction work is finally set to begin this summer on the Mission Creek burial site in Duluth’s Fond Du Lac neighborhood, three years after MnDOT crews accidentally tore it up working to replace the Highway 23 Bridge there.

Before they can get started, they have to finish some prep work which includes a plan to keep the area’s protected bat species safe.

With the partnership of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, MnDOT has completed the burial recovery process and most of the soil processing and stabilization.

“MnDOT’s gonna hire Fond Du Lac back to finish the processing this summer, so we are starting that process now and we expect that we would have a crew out there on site by the beginning of May,” said Project Manager Randy Costley, “and they will finish up what processing was left by the end of July, and then the landscape project would start in August.”

But officials say before that, they are required to start tree clearing Wednesday — for the benefit of some of the area’s furry, winged-residents.

“We have regulations regarding the endangered bat species,” said Costley.

“And trees have to, if we have trees at a project that need to be renewed they have to be renewed before these bats would take up residence in the trees and start raising their young,” he said.

According to Costley, the landscape project work in August will begin with re-establishing the 134th Avenue West connection to houses, then grading the cemetery for features like plants before the winter freeze.

Then next spring they will begin planting — with a deadline for the cemetery right now in 2022.

Costley says the tree clearing work will take up to two days to complete.

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