Local Breeder Sees Career Best Litter

"Usually we expect to have eight to ten puppies per litter."


DULUTH, Minn. – The local kennel Wolfe Den Retrievers is celebrating its most recent litter of American pointing lab puppies.

“Usually we expect to have eight to ten puppies per litter,” Wolfe Den Retrievers Owner, Colette Wolfe Dickmeyer says.

Lucy, the first-time mom, surprised her owners with sixteen.

“This is a first for me. The biggest litter I ever had was back in 1989 and it was fourteen,” Dickmeyer says.

The pups are just four-weeks-old, but they are already getting groomed for their next adventure.

“That six, seven, eight weeks we’ll take them out there in the backyard. Start throwing a little bumper for them and get them really interested in that coordination,” Wolfe Den Retrievers Co-Owner, Gary Dickmeyer says.

With the business now over 35 years in, the owners have high hopes for each of their dogs.

“They need to be challenged mentally and physically every day,” Dickmeyer says.

Ideally pairing each dog with a hunting companion.

“Every dog has a career,” Dickmeyer says.

On a sad note, two puppies from the litter did not survive.

Most of the remaining puppies have already been claimed.

For for information on the kennel, click here: Wolfe Den Retrievers


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