The ‘Fur-Beatles’ Are Officially Back Together

Cloquet Resident and Owner of the Fur-Beatles, Joe Thompson, is Thrilled to Welcome the Final Member to His Squad

CLOQUET, Minn. – Harrison, Paul, and Ringo.

Those names are synonymous with three-quarters of arguably the most recognizable band in history.

But something was missing for one passionate pet owner in Cloquet.

“You can’t have the Fur-Beatles with just three,” said Joe Thompson, owner of the Fur-Beatles.

You may recognize Thompson from a couple of years ago when FOX 21 first met with him and his dogs.

Overall, he and the “Furbs” as he calls them have been enjoying life. But Thompson believed an addition was needed.

“It’s a full-circle thing. It felt incomplete until that happened and it was one of those things that weren’t planned. It all just came together, and it’s all a very big deal to me,” said Thompson.

So now, Thompson’s dog family has increased to four members.

“Well, we’re here because of some pretty amazing and special news,” said Thompson. “We’ve got Ringo who is 228 pounds, Harrison was 258 pounds, he went on a strict diet, and I got him down to 245, and then Paul is 219 pounds.”

Joe has not only kept his band together, but he has also added the fourth and final member of the Fur-Beatles, John.

Three dogs this big would be more than enough for most people, but Thompson says John fills a space in his family that has needed filling for quite some time.

“I got to pick up his brother, Legend, for Jen Spence who is an affiliate of mine and Deb’s, and he’ll be doing a lot of show work if all works out,” said Thompson. “In mastiff land and all dog land, everybody kind of knows the term soul dog. Ringo is kind of mine, and Volt was Deb’s.”

When he received the call from his mentor, Deb Jones, that John was born, he says the excitement was pretty hard to handle.

“I received photos the minute he was born and I saw all the pups, and there was one off to the right and I said, that’s John,” exclaimed Thompson.

John’s birth was made even more special because unlike Harrison, Paul, and Ringo, his litter was born with the help of artificial insemination.

“It’s just very interesting that John and Legend’s dad has been gone for 10 years. Even though John is not blood-related to the rest of the group, he seems to be fitting in just fine,” said Thompson. “You think you’re going to have all this time to do things, but once you get those puppies you realize, I can’t go out to eat, I can’t leave them in the car.”

Even with the huge time commitment, Thompson is looking forward to many future adventures as John and the rest of the ‘Fab-Fur’ get acquainted with each other.

As the pandemic continues, people are stressed out about many things these days. But if you ask Thompson, he’ll probably say all you need is love. Well, that, and more than 700 pounds of dog, plus a newly added 18.

Thompson would like to thank his mentor for gifting him the final member of the Fur-Beatles.

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