Knowing Your Neighbors: ‘Tacos Tacos Tacos’ Aims to Bring Authentic Mexican Flavor to Northland

The slice of authentic Mexican cuisine opened up downtown in the old Coney Island space on East Superior Street.

DULUTH, Minn.- A slice of authentic Mexican cuisine opened up downtown in the old Coney Island space on East Superior Street last week – Tacos Tacos Tacos.

“It is totally different than a lot of American style tacos you find,” said owner Robert Giuliani.

Tacos Tacos Tacos was born out of owner and chef Robert Giuliani’s Mexican heritage and recent trips around the country. “My mother was from Mexico so I spent a lot of time growing up down in Mexico.”

“For the past several months I’ve been down there travelling, spending a lot of time at the different taquerias,” he said.

Feeling inspired, Giuliani says he wanted the twin ports to experience the same culture and flavor.

No chicken or fish at Mexican taquerias, so Tacos Tacos Tacos only serves beef or pork.

Their specialty — al-pastor tacos, with meat cooked on a rotating spit, or “trampo.”

“The flavors really just come through,” said the owner and chef.

“You’re gonna taste a lot more of the peppers as it cooks, I mean it’s just gonna be a little bit more sweeter than what you would usually think. We do it Jalisco style, so there is onions added to the trampo,” he said.

But shipping those supplies and ingredients was one of the issues Giuliani says he faced opening a new business during a global pandemic.

“When I was trying to make it as authentic as possible I had to go through and outsource certain types of cuts of meat, certain types of vegetables, even the peppers,” said Giuliani, “hiring staff as been a real big hard one”

Now the doors are open, and he says he’s excited to not only bring a new taste to Downtown, but help rebuild it going forward.

“I think a lot of people are moving from the mall area and starting to come back down here, to the Canal Park area, and so I think the scene that you see happening down here will change,” Giuliani said.

Right now Tacos Tacos Tacos is just taking walk-in orders, but they’ll be connecting with Food Dudes soon.

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