Start Prepping Your Lawn Mower for Spring

DULUTH, Minn.- Local lawn mower repair shops are offering up some advice to make sure your mower is in tip-top shape as temps warm.

Experts at Denny’s Lawn and Garden Center say waiting until the last minute to get it fixed is never a good idea, because repair shops can get very busy during the summer.

“The best thing is to bring in your lawn mower for repair as soon as possible, because we always do get backed up,” said Scott Cyr, the owner of Denny’s Lawn and Garden. “We’ve been working on lawn mowers – in fact that’s all we’ll be working on for the next six months.”

Some of Denny’s top fixes include changing oil and air filters on mowers, and sharpening blades. Management added they are seeing a lot more people coming in buying electric lawn mowers.

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