Temporary Vaccine Clinic Held at Black Bear Casino

The next round of vaccines will take place in 28 days at the same venue in the casino.

CARLTON, Minn. — “The first word that comes to mind is excitement,” Public Health Nurse, Casey Johnson says.

It was a joint effort to make the Moderna vaccine available for Carlton County residents.

For the first time the vaccine was available to Fond Du Lac community members in a public setting.

“It’s definitely part of our plan and our mitigation strategy with the Fond Du Lac E.O.C,” Fond Du Lac Human Services Director, Samuel Moose says.

Knowing demand is high, organizers planned to vaccinate 500 people in the venue.

“It’s working a lot better than we thought. We have a had very few people actually having to use the full space,” Moose says.

Registration opened earlier this week and Northland residents were able to get in and get out quickly.

“I was happy. I was impressed that something like this could happen that quickly and so simply,” Duluth Resident Tim Gosline says. “I feel fine. No different than when I had my flu shot this fall.”

With both the Fond Du Lac human services and Carlton county public health coming together, events like this are making it possible for anyone in the area to have access to the vaccine.

“We don’t want to turn anyone away today. If possibly there is some we can work with fond du lac nursing as part of human services and they could possibly get a few more vials if need be,” Johnson says.

The next round of vaccines will take place in 28 days at the same venue in the casino.

With the increase in vaccine availability in the coming weeks, health officials urge people interested to call to set up future appointments.

You can do so here: Carlton County Covid-19 Response

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