Northland Fish Fries Full for Good Friday

DULUTH, Minn.– It’s Good Friday once again and here at Bridgeman’s here in Duluth, they’re continuing one of their classic traditions — their fish fry.

With the Lenten season wrapping up, restaurants with fish specials like Bridgeman’s have seen business pick up.

“Every Friday it’s like a different experience. It’s packed the whole shift,” said Anthony Stein, a supervisor and server at Bridgeman’s.

This Lent season’s fish fry has been busier than the other years.  Customers are coming in to make up for lost time – and fish after they missed many fish fries over the past year due to the pandemic. And staffs are glad to see more and more customers in seats, and fish in plates.

“They’re definitely excited. I see it in their eyes every time they get the fish. They come in, sit down, they’re like ‘I know exactly what I’m getting,’ they’re set,” said stein. “So, that makes me happy when they’re enjoying the food, makes everything better.”

Getting to actually sit down and enjoy the fish special indoors has been great for Jeff and Gloria Thomas, who always come in during lent for the walleye.

“She’s originally from Texas so they don’t have this in Texas. Not the walleye,” said Jeff.

The two say after a long COVID year full of curbside pickups, nothing beats sitting down in a Bridgeman’s booth and enjoying the plate full of french fries and hot, walleye.

“We’ve ordered and picked it up out in the pickup a couple times. It’s just not the same, it’s nice to come in,” said Jeff.

“Plus it’s safe here, it’s nice, it’s pleasant,” said Gloria. “Clean, it’s always clean and everybody’s friendly.”

Even though Good Friday is the last Friday of lent, the fish special at Bridgeman’s will continue every Wednesday and Friday after 11 a.m.

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