Enger Park Golf Course Reopens for Season

DULUTH, Minn.– Enger Park Golf Course is reopened for the season and Duluthians are ready to get their first swings of 2021 in the books.

The golf clubs made their way out of storage and on to Enger Park Golf Course for the first time in 2021. The front nine holes were opened up early for the weekend after playing 39,000 rounds there in 2020.

With Lester Park Golf Course remaining closed until 2023, it was a busy day, even if the golf carts are staying parked for now.

“It’s been a while and those winters drag on pretty long but to get a nice day like this early April is a really awesome opportunity to get out and play some golf,” said Johnny McCormick, who was golfing at Enger Park.

McCormick and Katie Smedstad have only been golfing for a few years but they always love coming out to the enger course because of how close it is to Smedstad’s home.

Now golfing for the first time in months, they tried to shake off the winter rust.

“We started out on the range today, typically liking to swing a little bit more one the range when we’re starting out our season and then get more into just coming here and swinging our clubs on the course,” said Smedstad.

25-plus year golfer Mark Leutgeb was out for another season at Enger Park. While he’s golfed at a number of courses across the state, he says Enger is his favorite spot because of the views of the hill and all the trees around the course. Even though the grass isn’t quite green yet, he’s glad to be here so early in the year.

“You couldn’t go because nobody else was open any earlier so yeah it was my first time out for the season and the earliest time I believe I’ve ever golfed in Duluth. Usually this time a year you could be skiing,” said Leutgeb.

After a long winter during the pandemic, Leutgeb says it’s great to get back out and golf, especially after getting fully vaccinated.

“Being inside most of the winter and so to be able to get out,” said Leutgeb. “Just that much better to have gotten the shots after a long winter.”

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