Delta Diner Reopens After Closing During Winter Due to Pandemic

DELTA, Wis.– The Delta Diner has been a mainstay in the small-town community since 2003. And after a long winter wait, customers were able to enjoy their food again.

“It’s simple food but what then we do is we try and raise the bar in ingredients and preparation,” said Todd Bucher, Managing Owner of the Delta Diner. “It becomes an experience in itself.”

The Delta Diner fired up the stoves again for curbside pickup. It’s the first time since November after the diner stayed closed during the winter because of the pandemic.

“It’s staff safety, it’s customer safety. And there’s also the social responsibility aspect of it,” said Bucher.

The pandemic allowed Bucher to reimagine the diner last year, adding permanent outdoor seating with a diner-like atmosphere and investing more in their curbside service. But after a winter away, Bucher is making sure staff and customers are safe while serving their well-known dishes.

“There are going to be a lot of really fun things to be doing here this summer, but we’re going to do it with safety in mind and we’ll have really great, strong protocols in place to keep people safe,” said Bucher.

While the diner is just be curbside for now, plans are underway to open in May for in person seating for the first time since the pandemic began once staff are fully vaccinated. But no matter where they sit or what’s on their plate, staffs are glad to see customers back in Delta again.

“I think there’s a lot of pent-up demand,” said Bucher. “There’s excitement. People just want to get out and experience some of the things that are important to them and hopefully this experience here can be part of that.”

Those with the diner are also planning to be open this coming winter with a limited schedule if conditions from the pandemic allow.

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