KYN: Skin Deep Tattoo and Piercing

SUPERIOR, Wisc. — Artist Jason Routley has been providing tattoos to people in the Twin Ports area since 2018.

“I love being an artist. It’s like all my dreams from my childhood are coming true. Just doing what I love to do,” Skin Deep Tattoo and Peircing Co-Owner, Jason Routley says.

And now, they have moved to a new location with more space on Tower Avenue.

We have enough clientele where we need to have more space for artists in here as well,” Routley says.

Giving them more accessibility to the downtown scene.

“We’ve got the car show in the summer and a lot of happenings down here and it’s really great to be part of it and all of that,” Routley says.

And with the idea that more people will be getting tattoos in the future, owners are excited for people to show off their fresh ink.

“We wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t have great customers. We’ve had a lot of support from people who utilize our services and people who appreciate what we do,” Routley says.

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