‘Northern Lights Express’ Supporters Hopeful For Federal Funding

DULUTH, Minn. — Backers of high-speed rail service from Duluth to Minneapolis are hopeful President Joe Biden’s new infrastructure proposal could make the rail project finally happen.

The Northern Lights Express project has stalled for years because of a lack of funding.

It’ll cost $500 to $600 million to complete, and supporters hope $80 billion in funding for rail projects in Biden’s plan will mean a green light for the Duluth to Minneapolis connection, especially with Amtrak’s support of the project.

A spokesperson for Northern Lights Express says the trains would travel up to 90 miles an hour with four stops along the way, including Superior, making transportation easier than a drive — especially for tourists, business professionals and even veterans.

“This will change everything. Another advantage is Veterans. Veterans from the Northland take vans to get to the V.A. hospital in Minneapolis,” Northern Lights Express Technical Advisory Committee Chair, Ken Buehler says. “If you’re on this train, you get to target field, you switch to the blue line, which is the light rail and that takes you to the front door of the V.A. clinic. Veterans will benefit from this.”

One-way tickets are expected to be around $35.

It will take roughly two-and-a-half hours for the trip to the Twin Cities.

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