Former Denfeld Standout Keegan Chastey to Play Under Dad Barry on St. Scholstica Men’s Soccer Team

Barry Chastey has been coaching his son Keegan for the past decade and now gets one more chance at it this semester, as the Denfeld standout will suit up for the Saints this spring.

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth Denfeld soccer alum Keegan Chastey has been cheering on the Saints since he first started playing soccer.

“I’ve been up here watching the games, especially the playoffs, ever since I was maybe four years old. To be a part of the team instead of just a fan, it’s a good feeling,” Keegan said.

After guiding the Hunters to their third section 7A title in the past five seasons in the fall, Keegan is now suiting up for CSS.

“It’s obviously been a challenge to adjust to the college game coming right out of high school, like pretty much a month after but it was kind of an easy decision. Without having my Gitchi [Gummi] season anymore, this was pretty much the only option to keep playing and obviously I know a lot of the people on the team and the coaches,” Keegan said.

“I don’t think it seems to phase him going up a level, now he’s able to step in here and do it at the college level and I’m not overly surprised,” Keegan’s dad and St. Scholastica men’s soccer head coach Barry added.

Now, he’s getting the chance to play under his dad Barry, something they’ve been doing for over a decade.

“It’s obviously a different environment but it’s not an entirely different situation so we’ve gotten used to it over the years,” Keegan said.

“We’ve heard of some parent/kid relationships that doesn’t work out but we’ve never had that issue, I think mainly because he’s a good kid and does everything we ask of him,” Barry added.

With the college recruitment process still a challenge due to the pandemic and the NCAA allowing  an extra year of eligibility, Keegan will begin his career with the Saints as he continues his recruitment.

“All the stars aligned for us to have one more year,” Barry said.

“Without being able to travel for a large portion of my main time I can be recruited has been a big challenge,” Keegan added.

But for the time being, the Chasteys are just enjoying playing on the same team once again.

“This is potentially our last hurrah. We’ve had a long time of it and I may have to travel a long way to see him play down the road so I’m just going to enjoy it now,” Barry said.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with him and it’s never been tension or anything like that, it’s only been a positive experience so I’ll be sad to be done with that,” Keegan added.

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