Residents ‘Get Flushed’ to Raise Money for Proctor High Grad Party

The All Night Grad Party committee restarted their "You've Been Flushed" fundraiser for Proctor students, using decorated toilets. 

PROCTOR, Minn.- The porcelain is taking over Proctor, as Proctor High School’s All Night Grad Party committee restarted their “You’ve Been Flushed” fundraiser for Proctor students, using decorated toilets.

“It gets people’s attention, you’ll drive by and you’ll wonder why is there a really colorful toilet in somebody’s yard?” Proctor High Senior Wyatt Okstad knows the answer to that one — because he put it there.

Since 2015,  a local plumber will donate the toilets, and the students decorate them themselves. Then in the dark of night, they plant them in yards. “Toilet duty with my brother late at night, trying to sneak around and drop the toilet off at other neighbor’s houses,” Okstad said.

“It’s a comical joke, it’s something that’s really unique to us,” said the Senior. “It’s something that we’ve just been doing for a couple years now, it’s a really fun way to raise money, we’re doing a really great job at it too.”

This year Proctor seniors have already raised more than $800 for their “All Night Grad Party” after commencement in June.

So how does the can turn into cash?

“They can choose to donate to remove it, they can also donate to find out who did it and also they can donate to put it somewhere specifically in somebody’s yard to get somebody else,” Okstad said.

And the potty-payback is already in full swing.

“My kid pointed it out to me and I was like’ oh well that’s interesting.’ Cause it was at our neighbor’s house back there last night, so I was like I have a feeling that they were the ones that decided to put it there,” said Jennifer Francisco, who was “flushed” for the first time.

“We’ve taken care of our donation and then we’re going to go ahead and pass it onto another friend in town,” she said.

Last year there were no circulating toilets because in person graduation, and any celebration, was cancelled due to the pandemic.

“Not a whole lot has happened this year,” said Okstad. “We’ve been missing out on important activities that we usually would look forward to. And being that we’re able to have this and come all together is just really awesome.”

So far, organizing parents say this year’s party is a go, just scaled back.

Still, it means even more to the seniors who have had their school year turned upside down.

“These kids, they are a resilient group of kids,” said Tara Haugen, co-chair of the All Night Grad Party Committee.

“They ended their junior year with distant learning and most of it this year has been hybrid and distanced. So we’re trying to bring some normalcy to the end of the school year,” she said.

Meanwhile the community is excited to have the loos on their lawns again through mid-May, and show they think their graduating seniors are “number one” — not number two.

“I think it’s fun, and it’s easy,” Francisco said.

“So it doesn’t require a lot for people to do they just, they put up with having a toilet here,” she said, “it’s not a lot of hard work and it doesn’t require a lot of thought. Just helping out.”

And for seniors, it’s a sign they can end their school year with a royal flush.

“Seeing that it’s coming it’s showing that COVID can’t stop us and we’re able to still have fun with these things and still persevere,” said Okstad.

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