Star of the North Maternity Home Seeks $60k for New Space

DULUTH, Minn.– A women’s maternity home here in the Northland is now looking for a home of their own after their current building has been sold.

“We want to find a home, we want to help them figure out their life goals and then work step by step with them to achieve goals towards independence and to a safe pregnancy and a safe birth and safe parenting,” said Susan McClernon, Executive Director and Founder of Star of the North Maternity Home.

Many shelters around the Northland are dedicated to helping women and children land in a safe place when they need it. And the demand for shelters like this, especially for new and expecting moms, is growing.

Star of the North Maternity Home has been in the Northland since 2019. And now the group is looking to make their home even bigger, as it is about to lose its current space.

The Star of the North maternity home offers a safe space for women who are homeless, transitioning into housing, or escaping domestic violence who are pregnant or have an infant child. It also offers resources to help them get back on their feet.

“They’ve had challenging journeys and the goal is to really help them achieve their goals,” said McClernon.

McClernon runs the home along with Together for Life Northland. The home was started two years ago because of the growing need for safe maternity housing, which McClernon says has been getting bigger.

“We’ve had over 60 applicants in less than 19 months so we did find that the need is here,” she said.

On top of the growing need, the 4 bedroom home they were leasing was recently sold. Now Star of the North, a place that has given a home to almost a dozen women and children is looking to raise at least $60,000 for a down payment to get a new home of their own before the building’s lease expires in May.

“We want to find a home, a real home where we could expand a little bit and have some capacity because of the need. So we’re looking for a 5 bedroom-plus house with a couple good bathrooms for moms and their babies,” she said.

There will be an online auction to raise money for a new home from April 16th to May 11th. With a virtual banquet taking place on May 2nd. And those who make donations will also be able to win prizes themselves.

“Have a watching host party to watch the banquet and meet our moms. There will be some testimonials there about their stories,” she said.

Only living at the home for two weeks, one woman says star of the north has been a big help as she prepares to have her baby. She says a new building would mean much more than a roof over their heads but a home to build a better life.

“They really help prepare us for being a mother. Also in our faith being Christian and really digging deeper into that and kind of combining them all,” said the resident.

Organizers of the home say they rely heavily on donations from the community. And that if you’re not able to give during the virtual auction, organizers say donations of money or items for the women can be made on their website.

For the safety of the women who are living at Star of the North, we are not able to disclose the location of the home at this time.

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