Hope Harbor Offers Women’s Shelter in Carlton County

CLOQUET, Minn.– Founded in July of 2020, Hope Harbor offers women in Carlton County a safe space from homelessness and addiction.

The home offers-long term housing and support for the 4 residents who can stay at Hope Harbor as long as they need to help them overcome their addiction and get back on their feet.

“So this is usually that missing link from getting on their own completely and usually just leaving some kind of treatment program,” said Co-Operator Greta Winter-Jarvinen.

Winter-Jarvinen, who has previous experience in drug counseling, heard about similar programs in St. Louis County. With only 2 of those homes in Carlton County, she wanted to add another safe space.

“We thought, ‘Wow, there really isn’t anything like this in Carlton County like this,'” she said. “There’s just such a need for more help all the time so it’s very rewarding to see them do well and want better for their lives.”

Around 10 people have gone through hope harbor, which has been full since it opened. The current residents say it feels like a family as they try to support each in recovering from their addictions.

“We go for walks together, we do each other’s eyelashes, nails,” said resident Lanaya Wicklund, who’s lived at the home since October.

The four say their favorite activities are going for walk and to the gym, cooking, and sitting down and having a meal together.

“I felt like I fit right in when I got here. Everybody welcomed me and it was easy coming through the doors here and I just fit right in. It was easy,” said resident Melissa Diver. “We all got along.”

Residents say that staff at the home helped them get back on track in their lives, including helping them get their G.E.D.

“It’s been a really great experience,” said Wicklund.

Sarah Brown just arrived at Hope Harbor on Monday after getting out of inpatient treatment in Brainerd. After battling her addiction and homelessness, Brown says Hope Harbor hasn’t just given her a place to stay, but a family to help her along the way.

“It gives me a lot of hope to know that if these girls can make it, then I’m in a good place and to see their progress is amazing,” she said. “I don’t know where I’d be without them, probably homeless still.”

Those at Hope Harbor will look to add a second location sometime in the future.

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