Eat Downtown Week Begins Monday for Duluth Restaurants

DULUTH, Minn.– Establishments all around downtown Duluth are continuing a special of their own. Eat Downtown Week returns Monday featuring restaurants in Duluth, which are giving out specials to encourage customers to support local businesses.

310 Pub has been involved with the event for more than five years, offering specials on wings, pizza, burgers, and beer. Staff said they hope to see a big turnout over the next week to enjoy their food.

“It’s nice to have this going on, eat downtown,” said Bar Manager Donald Soulak. “I mean, it’s going to bring people down here, it’s going to bring people down everywhere. It’s going to bring people out of the houses it’s bringing people out of the woodwork. And it’s just nice to see people coming back out again.”

Eat Downtown Week will continue until April 30. A full list of restaurants is on the Greater Downtown Council’s website.

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