Hardware Stores And Garden Centers Stock Up For Spring And Summer

DULUTH, Minn. — Hardware stores and home and garden centers are as busy as ever as homeowners prepare their yards for spring and summer.

The owner of Marshall Hardware in Duluth says that right now, customers are scooping up rakes and wheelbarrows to get all the dead leaves and pinecones out of their yards, while also buying soil, garden seed, and grass seed to beautify their lawns.

He added that the pandemic caused somewhat of a shortage with certain products over the past year due to high demand and the disrupted global supply chain, but says his store is well-stocked.

Since more people are home, they’re spending more time getting their hands dirty and starting projects.

“It seems like even the ones that are working in office buildings and whatnot are still able to work from home, so they’re home more,” Steve Marshall, owner of Marshall Hardware, said. “Typically our busiest day was Saturdays and last year it was like every day, so you never know, let’s hope that continues.”

Marshall added that while the growing season is pretty short, there’s still a chance for overnight frost in parts of the Northland, so you don’t want to start planting too early.

Meanwhile, over at Gordy’s Gift & Garden in Hermantown, the owner there echoed the same sentiment about the frost, noting that unless you plan to cover up your plants at night, they will die if you buy them from a greenhouse too early the spring while the temperatures are still plummeting at night.

He says his shop sells plants that are hardy enough for our climate, such as certain perennials.

“Some of the stores sell perennials that are not for this area,” Gordy Beier, the owner of Gordy’s Gift & Garden, explained.  “We’re in Zone 2 and 3, and 4 down by the lake, and if you’ve got anything in a zone higher than 4, it probably won’t survive here.”

Beier adds that petunias and pansies are some types of flowers that do well in the Northland.

He also sells vegetables and herbs, and has noticed a higher demand for gardening supplies as people stay home more.

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